PHO Performance Programme reports

The PHO Performance Programme has been developed by District Health Boards (DHBs), the Ministry of Health and the primary health care sector to support improvements in the health of people enrolled in a Primary Health Organisation (PHO).

The Programme aims to:

  • Encourage and reward improved performance by PHOs in line with evidence-based guidelines
  • Measure and reward progress in reducing health inequalities by including a focus on high need populations;

DHBs contract PHOs to deliver a range of health care services for people when they are unwell, to help people stay healthy and to reach out to groups of people in the community who have poor health or are missing out on primary health care.

The Programme has developed a number of performance indicators to measure PHO achievements over a six month period. These PHO achievements have been grouped together by DHB region so that the Programme is able to report on services accessed by PHO enrolled populations within each DHB region.

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