DHB contracted services

The DHB contracts an extensive range of services from the PHO.

Afterhours Telephone Nurse Triage Services

BOPDHB has funded us to provide an Afterhours Telephone Nurse Triage Service. So, when you call your General Practice outside normal business hours, stay on the line as you will be connected to our Afterhours telephone Nurse Triage service where a health professional will provide you the medical advice you need. Remember; Call you GP 24/7.


CarePlus is a programme which aims to support and coordinate care of people with high needs. To be enrolled in the CarePlus programme you have to be enrolled with your general practice AND your doctor or practice nurse think you will benefit form regular arranged visits with them to talk about your health. You must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • You have 2 or more chronic conditions
  • You have a terminal illness
  • You have had 2 or more acute admissions to hospital for a medical or mental health problem in the last 12 months (does not include surgery)
  • Your condition is being monitored for eligibility to surgery

CarePlus lowers the cost of some of your visits to your doctor or nurses while you are in the programme.

Coordinated Primary Options – Mental Health

This service is for people with mild-moderate depression or anxiety aged 12 years and over. It is based on a stepped care model which offers interventions at different levels of intensity and funding, to suit the needs of the client. Currently, the programme offers funded interventions as follows:
Extended GP/Nurse consultations
Brief Intervention –
Individual Counselling Therapy: three – six sessions of individual counselling therapy.
Group Programmes: four – eight Psycho-education sessions. Programmes cover Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Postnatal distress. 
Referrals are through general practice.
Contact Sylvia Donaldson


The PHO administers this service for the entire Bay of Plenty PHO area. It does so in association with the EBOP PHO and Foot Mechanics. The service involves a range of services designed to improve the health of people’s feet. Services can be accessed through general practice.

School Health Coordinators (SHCs)

The PHO funds SHCs in all eight local colleges. While the SHCs provide nursing support to the schools’ doctor clinics they also promote health and wellness across a range of school-based activity.
Contact Philippa Jones - 5712100

Doctor Clinics in Schools

The PHO funds ‘doctor clinics’ in all eight local colleges.

Diabetes Nurse Educator Services (DNE)

The PHO engages a DNE to provide clinics and education for those with diabetes.

Outreach Immunisation Services (OIS)

These are services provided in an attempt to immunise those children who have been identified as having missed some or all of their scheduled childhood immunisations. Outreach Immunisation Services are one of an integrated set of strategies aimed at improving immunisation coverage and ensuring that people have access to services that empower them to make informed decisions regarding immunisation.
Immunisation services are provided either in the home or in the community. dianen@wboppho.org.nz , michaela@wboppho.org,nz


Diabetes Annual Review & diabetes management

The PHO funds over 4500 ‘ diabetes annual reviews’ for those diagnosed with diabetes. These reviews are undertaken in general practice. The PHO will provide financial assistance for people where their diabetes requires additional management with their GP or practice nurse.

Medicines Management/ Clinical Pharmacist Services

The PHO has a contract with the DHB to fund specialist clinical pharmacists to provide clinical medication review and support for patients suspected of having medication-related problems, assessment and support for patients having difficulty achieving medication-related therapeutic goals, case management for patients with frequent inpatient hospital admissions and safe transition support for high-risk patients after discharge from hospital. The service also provides group education sessions for health professionals and PHO-funded self-management groups. The service objective is to optimise medication related outcomes and reduce medication related problems.  Referral can be made via e-referral, fax, phone or email Read more: medication_review. Read more: Medwise Clinical Pharmacist Service

Asthma and Respiratory Management

The PHO administers a range of asthma and respiratory services in association with Asthma and Respiratory Management. Access to these services is through general practice.

Minor Surgery

The PHO contracts general practice to provide a range of minor surgeries.

Coordinated Primary Options

The PHO funds over 1500 episodes of care annually for a range of services designed to keep people out of hospital by having their needs met in the primary sector. Services at this time include treatment for cellulitis, chest x-rays, rest home respite care and deep vein thrombosis (DVT) treatment. Referral to CPO is through general practice.
Contact Sue Matthews

Self Management Group Education

There are self management group sessions available for anyone that is at risk of heart disease, has diabetes or is wanting to quit smoking. Referal to group sessoins can be made at any of the PHO general practices or contact the PHO directly 07 5773190 or email support@wboppho.org.nz.

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