Services to improve access

SIA services are designed to improve the access to services to care for 'high need populations'. The PHO has three SIA funds services currently:

1. Cancer Support Service

  • This service supports whanau and families caring for their own with cancer.

2. Community Access Nursing Service

  • This service provides a range of community-based services for 'high need populations'.
  • While clinics exist in Tauranga and Te Puke, mobile services are also delivered.

​3. Support to Screening Services

We are all about encouraging women to book and attend their Routine Screening:
All women are invited by their own General Practice to attend for their Cervical Smear. For many women this may be free of charge.
Breast Screen Aotearoa send out appointment invitations for Breast Screening. These are also free of charge.

Through our Support to Screening Service team we encourage eligible Priority Women (as defined below) to attend for their Breast and Cervical Screening. This is a free of charge service.  

Priority Women for Cervical Screening defined by the Ministry of Health are as follows:
Women between the ages of 20 – 69 years who are:

  • Maori
  • Pacific
  • Asian
  • All other women who have never had a Cervical Smear, or it has been more than 5 years since the last one.

Priority women defined by Ministry of Health for Free Breast Screening are as follows:
Women between the ages of 45 – 69 years who are:

  • Maori
  • Pacific
  • All other women who have never been screened, or have not had their free mammogram for over 5 years

This Service offers a variety of support including:

  • Clinic with booked appointments or walk in. Clinic hours: 8.30 – 8pm Monday, 8.30 – 4.30pm Tues – Friday. Saturday mornings by appointment only.
  • Home visits for Cervical Smears.
  • Transport to appointments (Breast Screen or Cervical Smear).
  • Transport to any follow up appointments required.
  • Arranging suitably timed appointments at one of the three Tauranga Breast Screening Sites and the Mobile Bus when available locally.
  • Cultural support – i.e. Maori Nurses and support staff, Asian Support staff.
  • General Nurse Support.
  • Help with other Health needs - such as Heart Health risk checks, smoking cessation advice and support. 

Contact us at the Health & Wellness Service on 07 5712100.

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